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FeetFirst Dance Music, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 25th Feb 2020 @ 3:30pm

Sapphire Class Music Tech, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 4th Jul 2019 @ 7:03pm

Today, Sapphire Class were learning about creating music using technology.  We used two websites - Incredibox and Chrome Music Lab - to explore combining and layering sounds.  The children got really into it and were rightly very pleased with their creations!  Here they are...


















Harry T







Harry R





Freya F

Freya W

Missing by Sumher, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:57pm

It was 1869 March  30th exactly. There was a abandoned house, no one knew how it got there or why it was there but it was there. Everyone knew that those who step into the house will never come back. A  teenage boy that goes by the name of Andy ran into the building not-knowing what could happen he thought it would be funny to make a video. Just then a shadow appeared behind him *scream*!! He never came back but people say it's just a myth when it actually happened….  Continuous posters missing.. missing.. Missing those who disobey will pay.

Regrets by Maddie, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:56pm

A loud bang woke me, I ran downstairs to see what was there. I saw my mums favourite vase on the floor. I looked at the time 3am!! I went back upstairs to get dressed, I needed to go back to the theatre.

On the way I picked up Abby. We walked in, I scanned the room, I saw this humongous staircase. We slowly walked up it “CREEK” we almost jumped out of our skins!!

We walked further up the stairs, we were pushed over by a breeze. We saw a hooded man lurking at the top of the stairs...


Devil's Spirit by Jack, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:55pm

Hitting 3:00 am exactly,Jack, who is an explorer of abandoned houses,schools,and mansions breaks into a abandoned theater to be their one more time.Making a lot of noise ,bits of  window glass hits the floor “CRASH!”steps his first foot into the abandoned theater,shivers down jack's back,and creaking doors “RRRR”door opened “Hello who goes their?” “YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!” said devils spirit “yEa I'm JuSt GoInG tO gO”in a nervous voice “DEVILS HOUR HAS BEGUN!”    

Abandoned Mansion by Mitchell, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:53pm

On the way to school a boy called Spot saw a rundown,dangerous mansion.   He didn’t know what he was walking into and he knocked on the broken,red door nobody answered,so he opened the door and saw a old candy shop he (didn’t know that the candy was made 80 years ago) ate a piece “Disgusting!” shouted spot then he spat it out,then walked up the stairs and heard a bang the stair he was on brock and he fall and landed on a nail “OUCH,”he cried that hurt he got off the nail then he went to the hospital.

Haunted Cinema by Jayson, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:50pm

It was 7:00 pm , me and two other friends booked a movie at the haunted cinema.Legend has it that if anyone enters the cinema they will never be seen again , we wanted to try this out to discover if it was a prank.We entered the cinema , it was dark and gloomy , we couldn’t see a thing , but just then candles lit up by itself.Now we could see the problem , there were ghosts .I heard laughing in the corner it’s a witch!And the next thing I knew the roof was falling “AHHHHH , HELP!”...

My Life (or should I say death?) by Luka, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:49pm

I woke up, where was I? What was this, an abandoned cinema, an unused theatre? It was eerily quiet, the whistling of the chandelier high above my head, the candy bar made of wood, rotten wood. Ahhhh, I screamed, a hand on my, hang on a sec, there had been no footsteps there were no footprints in the dust that was not possible, was it. Then I saw him right behind me, I asked in a low groaning tone “Who are you, who am I?”, he replied “We are a ghost.” I screamed.


Horror Hour by Leanne, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:48pm

It was 3am, 1824.  The chandelier  was swing side by side the wind  is howling outside. A group of friends come in for shelter from the storm one of them gasps “wow” “shhh” siad two of them “Look a  ghost!” they scream all of them so they ran back out into the storm “AHHHH” they scream again thunder went off again.The theatre door vibrated as the ghost wanted to hurt them the children took no or a anwer so they walk in and then they saw IT.

Memories by Emily, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:47pm

The clock struck the witching hour. I lay awake. I couldn't sleep. I needed to go back to the night where it all happened. I ran to the theatre. The old crooked doors gave me shivers down my spine. Memories came flooding back. My parents and I had come to watch the film everyone was talking about, to find there was no film:screaming was the only thing to be heard. I rubbed my eyes and my parents vanished. My eyes darted around the room. What was happening? The next thing I heard was….my parents. Their screams were unbearable.     

Creature by Nihal, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:46pm

It was 1996 the clock had just struck 12. The wind howled in my face. In the need of food I looked around to find an abandoned house, the door was unlocked. I helped myself to the candies in the shop but then I heard distant creaking, the chandelier hung over the checkered floor.

I quietly tiptoed upstairs to find, in despair, something white and godly, my eyes were blinded . What was this ancient creature? Suddenly it turned around - I knew it was the end of me. I ran faster then ever.

I thought, ‘’might this be the end?’’     


Haunted by Ethan, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:44pm

1944 midnight.  In the abyss, Blitz was walking home when he saw the abandoned pizza place. He ran across the road to get to it,{creakkkk} the door creaked open. {spcwarc} Blitz wanted to know what that sound was “What was that?” he thought in horror.{BANG!} a part of the roof collapsed behind him. {drip drip} Water was now coming from somewhere! Blitz dashed out to get to the door.{aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!} Blitz was gone. He rushed out as fast he could go. Running home he could just see a man standing there staring at him. {You're lucky kid.}    

Abandoned Train Station by Zain, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:43pm

It was 11:35pm, I was looking for a train to London-20 minutes later I began to leave but the solid door slammed shut.   This place isn't haunted is it? I could hear creaks but just then a sinister figure ran rapidly across the room-my heart paused. I swooped my phone out of my pocket and dialed my mum - there was no signal. Eventually my fear was blocked out of my mind by the smell of rotten candy bars. As I headed to the candy store something dragged me into the kitchen, I screamed!

My Worst Nightmare by Freddie, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:41pm

Darkness covers the sky at the silent hour. I'm the guy who goes by Freddie. I snuck into a window to the abandoned cinema. I took fewer steps with the floor creaking.  Noticing skeletons on the floor it gave me the heebie jeebies.

Shivers came down my spine.Smelling the sweat scent of popcorn I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I wondered why there would be such a wonderful thing in such a horrible place?I heard footsteps behind me I wondered  did I dare look behind me?I turned around screaming! That's all i remember.

Tim by Tyler, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:40pm

My life will never be the same. i was walking my dog when suddenly “Beep!” a bike came and i accidently let go of Tim. He sprinted into a creepy abandoned movie theater, so i followed.I shouted at Tim, "Come here boy!" Soon i heard  a creek on the floor just behind me, i saw Tim but he didn't look right he ran as i took a step toward him. The door I entered in was now closed. No sunlight was in the building, it was pitch black and stunk of moldy popcorn . Soon Tim was in front of me, i grabbed him and ran but he didn't look good!


Builders by Joe, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:38pm

It was 1666 and the clocks had just struck 12. The builders had just arrived to destroy the old abandoned church. Thumping priceless walls from left to right, right to left, a builder noticed something in the corner of his eye: a candy shop, full of cracked jars of gobstoppers, cola bottles and even giant strawberries. The builders could not believe their eyes. They had never seen anything like this before. Should they tell someone (their boss) about this or leave it for some else to discover? One of the builders ran up the staircase, it creaked and it reeked...

Abandoned Art Gallery by Izzy, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:36pm

Hidden in the night, enclosed behind trees, an art gallery layed there abandoned in its place. Arched windows covered in black sheets, collections of cobwebs eating the walls and a chandelier hung from the ceiling drained of its colour. Dampness and frigidness loitered in the air, forcing the stairs to be frozen, a balcony leading nowhere but death.  

The Night at the Museum by Harry T, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:34pm

At the strike of three am I visited the old-abandoned museum. I nervously opened the wide gate. Memories re-emerged into my head. I entered the church-looking building, CREECK! The door sounded like it was telling me to turn back now, but I couldn't. It felt like agony to not go inside this building ,but, I shouldn't go...  

The Unknown by Omar, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:33pm

Poor Luke.  He has seen the unseen.  It was at the time of the hurricane strike. 12:00 - with no time to spare Luke was creeping up the abandoned staircase.  Tik tok tik tok. “Is the clock broken? It’s already 3:00 AM!”

Tik tok.  A vast lightning strike cut out the power.

“Luckily I have a torch” now Luke wasn’t lying.  The clock shattered to pieces. “It's me Luke I told you you're safe that night It's me and you,you and me we will always be together.” Luke stared.  Here's the interesting part...





A Night To Forget by Harry H, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:27pm

It was approaching 2 am when I first entered the building, jumping up and down I was so excited! Me and my parents went to get the food we knew so well : popcorn. We entered room 4. The old, eroded theatre was jam-packed that night. The wooden chairs were very uncomfortable but I wasn’t going to let that dampen my spirits - I had waited months for this night to come! The lights began to flicker, a high-pitched screaming noise drowned the theatre. The lights suddenly came back on, what I saw next haunted me forever. 

Ruby Class World Book Day, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 8th Mar 2019 @ 6:01pm

In Ruby Class today we celebrated World Book Day by making up silly stories of our own!  

First we played a game of consequences using these prompts:

  • (boy's name)
  • met (girl's name)
  • in/at/on (where they met)
  • He said (what he said)
  • She said (what she said)
  • He (what he did)
  • She (what she did)
  • The consequence was (what happened)

The resulting stories were hilarious!

After play we used Story Maker from Read for Good to create even more weird and wonderful stories.  Here are some of our efforts:

My Dream by Ynez

In my dream I met a huge worm wearing a stupid crop top. "Hello!" it said.  "My name is Annie.  Would you like a lift to the secret kingdom?"  Eight years later we got there.  "It's shut!" said Annie.  "Would you like an enormous fruit gum pie instead?"  Then I woke up to find I had just eaten my sheep!

Lost in the Jungle by Leo

Deep in the jungle, me and Matthew suddenly heard and ugly roar.  "Watch out Leo!" shouted Matthew.  "That blue monkey is going to get you!"  It had very sharp legs and a huge eye, so we both backflipped onto our dogs and jumped away down the black mountain.

The Pop Star by Matthew

I am Unhappy Burger Man, the famous pop star.  All of my fans threw their Speedos at me when I went on Top Of The Hops to sing my new single, Footballing Banana, which reached number 9,000,000 in the charts.  Anyway, I told Orangutan, "Compared to me, Orangutan, you sound like a singing Kit Kat!"  Organutan replied, "Oooh! Get you Unhappy Burger Man!  Wait til I tell Dog Rap 5!"

Late for School by Heath

Me and Mrs Bond cycled into the classroom.  "Heath!  Mrs Bond! Why are you late?" shouted Mr Gibson.  "Because Heath forgot the Brussels sprouts for the Science lesson," said Mrs Bond.  "No!" I said, "It's because Mrs Bond's elephant got stuck in a skyscraper!"  "Well I don't believe you," said Mr Gibson.  "You both have to do 18 milleniums in  detention!

Planet Earth Documentaries, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 19th Oct 2018 @ 2:37pm

Over the last two weeks Y6 have been learning how to write and perform nature documentaries.  We have read and learnt some examplar texts, watched some Planet Earth clips and practised a variety of sentence types to improve our writing.  We then practised reading them aloud, using our voices in an appropriate way to entertain and inform.  Here are some of the finished documentaries.  We will finish the rest after half term.

The Storm, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 25th Sep 2018 @ 8:04pm

Over the last two weeks Y6 have been writing about storms.  We've read some example texts and learnt about similie, metaphor and personification.  We've created some books using Book Creator that we'd like to share with you.  Leave us a comment if you like them!










Harry T




SummerBowl , by Mr Rickaby

Date: 15th Jun 2018 @ 6:10pm

Proud of or American Football teams who have been training hard at their club over the last few weeks preparing for the SummerBowl.

Unfortunately, we didnt progress past the pool stages but the standard of football played was excellent.  More importantly our children did our school proud with their behaviour and sportsmanship.

Thanks to Mr Roberts for running the club, Mr O'Hara for organising the SummerBowl, Coach Phoebe and Coach Kenny from the NFL and Mrs Greening for managing the teams on the day.

Y4 Photo Editing, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 10th Jan 2018 @ 9:05pm

Today in Computing Y4 had a go at using Google Photos to manipulate images and create collages.  Here are some examples of their work. 


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