Abandoned Art Gallery by Izzy

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:36pm

Hidden in the night, enclosed behind trees, an art gallery layed there abandoned in its place. Arched windows covered in black sheets, collections of cobwebs eating the walls and a chandelier hung from the ceiling drained of its colour. Dampness and frigidness loitered in the air, forcing the stairs to be frozen, a balcony leading nowhere but death.  

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Izzy’s mum wrote:

Wonderfully emotive. Keep aware of your punctuation, felt like reading poetry

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Fearne & Summers mum wrote:

Summer and I really liked they way Izzy described her setting. Being more daring with descriptions. "COLLECTION OF COBWEBS EATING THE WALL" I thought was a great.

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Mrs Willis wrote:

Every word has power, Izzy, and that's exactly what you have to ensure in such a short passage-well done!

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Rachel wrote:

Great writing captivating and descriptive well done 😊

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