Parents are responsible for making sure their children attend school regularly and on time. Statutory Guidance on Schools Attendance and Absence

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What is an authorised absence?

Only a school can authorise an absence. If your child is ill or cannot go to school for some reason, you need to contact the school by telephone/email/letter tell them. The school will then decide whether to authorise the absence.

There are only a few valid reasons why your child should be absent. If your child has been away from school without you giving any reason, the school will contact you to find out why. This may be by phone or letter or an invitation to a meeting in school.

Holidays in term time

Time off school for family holidays is not a right. Schools have discretion in 'exceptional circumstance' to authorise a holiday if they believe it is a genuine reason.

You can be given a Penalty Notice or prosecuted for periods of unauthorised holidays.

Improving Attendance At Ashchurch

We are very keen to continue to promote the importance of regular attendance as the best possible starting point for your child’s success during their education with us. Also important is being on time. We understand unexpected difficulties (such as traffic delays) but arriving after registration means that your child may miss part of, or an entire lesson. We have recently written to parents about how every day off = loss of learning time and we have introduced a class reward system.

We always try to involve pupils in making decisions, contributing to school life. We have therefore put in place a scheme that makes attendance a focus for them every day.

SAM is our attendance mascot. A cuddly dog whose initials stand for School Attendance Matters. Every day that the register monitor can tell the office, “We’re all here today,” their class receives a sticker which they take back to their teacher. At the end of each week S.A.M. goes to spend the week in the class with the most stickers. 

We appreciate your ongoing support in MAKING EVERY MINUTE COUNT.

Attendance Data

Summer Term 2020/21

Class % Attendance +/- Compared to School Average
Diamond  97.25 +0.06%
Emerald 97.52 +0.33%
Ruby 97.49 +0.29%
Sapphire 96.66 -0.53%
Overall 97.19  


Autumn Term 2021/22

Class % Attendance +/- Compared to School Average
Explorers 91.22 -0.52%
Pathfinders 92.71 +0.97%
Adventurers 91.5 -0.24%
Navigators 91.85 +0.11%
Overall 91.75  

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