Cultural Capital

The Department for Education defines Cultural Capital as, "The essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement."

Our curriculum is intertwined with our 4 'C's: Communication, Culture, Conservation and Conflict.  These 4 core values also allow our children to enrich their Cultural Capital.

Our rich and broad curriculum provides opportunities for children to experience a rich cultural capital.

Opportunities include:

  • Exploring and understanding the value of money, whilst learning about financial and money management.
  • Participating in a broad and balanced PSHCE curriculum.
  • Supporting a charity organisation.
  • Learning and experiencing how to grow a plant, fruit and vegetables.
  • Learning how to play a musical instrument, both tuned and untuned.
  • Visiting a museum / exhibition to learn more about an area I am focusing on in school. This includes Local and National museums.
  • Visiting a religious place of worship, for example a Church or a Mosque.
  • Understanding how history has shaped my future today (World War Two and Roman Legacy)
  • Reading and listening to stories by a diverse range of authors.
  • Writing a letter, addressing an envelope and posting it in the post box or at the post office.
  • Visiting a farm or zoo
  • Learning how to navigate the internet and how to send an email.
  • Learning how to say key phrases in another language.
  • Taking part in a live concert or performance
  • Visiting a stadium or theatre to watch a live sports event or performance

Navigators Class have a weekly session tending to their allotment.They love planting bulbs and seeds and watching them grow, and have even been known to sell their produce at the summer fair!

Garden2.JPG Garden5.JPG Garden1.JPG
Writing a collaborative story with the residents of Ashchurch View care home. We wrote a paragraph, followed by their paragraph and so on and so forth until we ended up with a lovely illusrated story called 'The Lonely Ogre' which we had printed into a real book! Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 14.33.09.png
We regularly hold events such a bake sales, raffles and non-uniform days to support charitable organisations locally, nationally and internationally. Macmillan.png


We regularly hold events such a bake sales, raffles and non-uniform days to support charitable organisations locally, nationally and internationally.

Children in Explorers and Pathfinders visit Cattle Country to meet the animals and learn about how they are cared for.

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Each year we produce a whole-school Christmas show which has a great reputation and has become a bit of an Ashchurch 'rite of passage'!  The teachers join in too! 1S2A3902.jpeg 1S2A3715.jpeg 1S2A3774.jpeg
We have very close links with our local police. PC Olczak visits Explorers class to talk about how the police help us and to answer their questions about the police. PC Curtis is our School Beat officer.  He regular visits KS2 to deliver sessions on online relationships, drugs & peer influence, the role of the police and internet safety. c41c59cd-c7b0-4c75-827c-4d17064e1a00.JPG 2b2b69d5-e29d-4fe4-9972-ff062216b46e.JPG 3ca2244a-4175-4d80-b2d7-631693b7dbec.JPG
We run a 2 night residential trip for Y3/4 every year. Bi-annually we run a 3 night residential trip on the Isle of Wight for Y4/5/6. tempImageRPZDGn.jpg tempImage4nAqUh.jpg tempImageqpXE6f.jpg
Our children enjoy a huge range of extra curricular activities and we are very proud of our sports teams. We regularly compete in Football, Netball, Rugby Athletics and Cross Country.  IMG_3773.jpg 244587194_6352774711463186_6902041665538947744_n.jpg SG-L1-3-gold-2021-22.jpg
Stitch story is an ambitious new project, to bring together 15,000 Tewkesbury residents in one wonderful new community embroidery. We invite you to take part and add your handiwork and history to this impressive fabric piece, over 8 metres in length alongside some of the more well-known events in thread! IMG_3178.JPG IMG_3173.JPG IMG_3174.JPG
Bikeability gives young people the skills, confidence and knowledge to make journeys independently by bicycle in both urban and rural areas. Each year our Y6s complete the L2 course, giving them the skills necessary for getting to and fro secondary school independently. Bikeability-Level1-800x450_250x140.jpg Bikeability-Level2-800x450_250x140.jpg Bikeability-Level-3-300x169.jpg
In the summer term, Y6 complete a 'Futures' project in Maths where they learn about salaries, hourly rates, income tax, bills, budgeting, mortgages and managing a home E4_O20uXMAIAfx0.jpeg


Our new English curriculum is book- based and choice of text is key!  We choose books by themes such as 'dreams & curiosity', 'change & relationships' and 'journeys & exploration,' with the aim of giving children access to a wide range of a literature from a diverse range of authors. More on book choice here  badgeforwebsite0.jpg
Each year we take part in the Tewkesbury Medieval Parade. We work with a local artist to create a large piece to march with.  We are very lucky to live in a town with such a rich, interesting history. 67199695_616359135518225_1219139974641745920_n.jpg 66511965_616359102184895_8878408879344451584_n.jpg IMG_6777.JPG
In Autumn 2022 we are excited to be working with Dobbies Garden Centre as they open their new flagship store in our town.  They are supporting the development of our allotment and sensory garden. Our singing club will also be singing at their Christmas shopping event on 24th November. TWM_Dobbies_141022_1036.JPG TWM_Dobbies_141022_1037.JPG TWM_Dobbies_141022_1081.JPG



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