At Ashchurch Primary School we have designed and implemented an aspirational curriculum that is both immersive and progressive. We use a carefully planned model, with both breadth and depth, that is highly relevant and purposeful, and that truly broadens pupils’ outlook and views by promoting out-ward facing, global perspectives.

We aim to offer hands-on, cohesive learning opportunities, promoting an awareness of human creativity and achievement. We strive to help our pupils realise their own full potential to achieve and succeed, not just at school, but as educated citizens within their own community and on a wider global scale.

Our curriculum is inclusive, challenging the more able, whilst directly addressing specific areas for development.

We are committed to helping our pupils make links across themes and subject disciplines, by providing a cohesive, well-planned learning journey. We believe the curriculum should be connected in a meaningful way, evidencing clear progression, and should demonstrate a consistent approach throughout school.


Ashchurch Primary School

Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury,

Gloucestershire GL20 8LA

Main Contact:

Headteacher: Richard Gibson

01684 292376

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