My Life (or should I say death?) by Luka

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:49pm

I woke up, where was I? What was this, an abandoned cinema, an unused theatre? It was eerily quiet, the whistling of the chandelier high above my head, the candy bar made of wood, rotten wood. Ahhhh, I screamed, a hand on my, hang on a sec, there had been no footsteps there were no footprints in the dust that was not possible, was it. Then I saw him right behind me, I asked in a low groaning tone “Who are you, who am I?”, he replied “We are a ghost.” I screamed.


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Alix gidman wrote:

Fantastic use of vocabulary. Very mature writing style. Well done.

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Mrs Willis wrote:

Great use of vocabulary 'eerily quiet'-very atmospheric!

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Rachel wrote:

Very captivating well done 😊

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