Tim by Tyler

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:40pm

My life will never be the same. i was walking my dog when suddenly “Beep!” a bike came and i accidently let go of Tim. He sprinted into a creepy abandoned movie theater, so i followed.I shouted at Tim, "Come here boy!" Soon i heard  a creek on the floor just behind me, i saw Tim but he didn't look right he ran as i took a step toward him. The door I entered in was now closed. No sunlight was in the building, it was pitch black and stunk of moldy popcorn . Soon Tim was in front of me, i grabbed him and ran but he didn't look good!


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Mrs Willis wrote:

What I really like about this is when you find Tim and you write 'he didn't look right'. That's a sure sign that something spooky has happened to him-leave Tim and get out of there!!!

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Rachel wrote:

Great writing who doesn't like going on adventures scary or not with their dog well done 😊

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