Missing by Sumher

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:57pm

It was 1869 March  30th exactly. There was a abandoned house, no one knew how it got there or why it was there but it was there. Everyone knew that those who step into the house will never come back. A  teenage boy that goes by the name of Andy ran into the building not-knowing what could happen he thought it would be funny to make a video. Just then a shadow appeared behind him *scream*!! He never came back but people say it's just a myth when it actually happened….  Continuous posters missing.. missing.. Missing those who disobey will pay.

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Izzy’s mum wrote:

Wonderful 😁 nail biting, just remember if you’re writing in past or present tense loved the last sentence

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Alix gidman wrote:

Love the suspense!!!

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Roberts mum wrote:

I love the beginning, it captures you straight away.

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Mrs Willis wrote:

A chilling tension builder of a sentence 'Every one knew that those who step into the house will never come back'-well done Sumher!

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Rachel wrote:

Attention grabbing and well written well done ☺

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