Haunted Cinema by Jayson

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:50pm

It was 7:00 pm , me and two other friends booked a movie at the haunted cinema.Legend has it that if anyone enters the cinema they will never be seen again , we wanted to try this out to discover if it was a prank.We entered the cinema , it was dark and gloomy , we couldn’t see a thing , but just then candles lit up by itself.Now we could see the problem , there were ghosts .I heard laughing in the corner it’s a witch!And the next thing I knew the roof was falling “AHHHHH , HELP!”...

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Alix gidman wrote:

Love witches!!! Great imagination.

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Mrs Willis wrote:

I love the way you set the scene by writing "Legend has it...". This immediately conveys the idea that something sinister is going to happen-well done, Jayson.

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James W wrote:

The start of this short story has impact, although make sure to match up your singular pronouns. Very good effort.

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Rachel wrote:

Very attention grabbing well written well done 😊

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