Regrets by Maddie

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:56pm

A loud bang woke me, I ran downstairs to see what was there. I saw my mums favourite vase on the floor. I looked at the time 3am!! I went back upstairs to get dressed, I needed to go back to the theatre.

On the way I picked up Abby. We walked in, I scanned the room, I saw this humongous staircase. We slowly walked up it “CREEK” we almost jumped out of our skins!!

We walked further up the stairs, we were pushed over by a breeze. We saw a hooded man lurking at the top of the stairs...


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Dee Woods wrote:

This makes me want to read on, you have definitely captured my attention with the good detailed writing!

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Alix gidman wrote:

I want to know more! Excellent descriptions to make us picture it in our heads.

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Mrs Willis wrote:

"A hooded man lurking at the top of the stairs"-a terrifying description, Maddie! Well done.

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Rachel wrote:

Very captivating well done😊

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