Builders by Joe

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:38pm

It was 1666 and the clocks had just struck 12. The builders had just arrived to destroy the old abandoned church. Thumping priceless walls from left to right, right to left, a builder noticed something in the corner of his eye: a candy shop, full of cracked jars of gobstoppers, cola bottles and even giant strawberries. The builders could not believe their eyes. They had never seen anything like this before. Should they tell someone (their boss) about this or leave it for some else to discover? One of the builders ran up the staircase, it creaked and it reeked...

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Mrs Willis wrote:

Well done, Joe-in answer to your question "Should they leave it for someone else to discover?" If they value their lives-Yes!!

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James W wrote:

This short story has a nice structure to it and flows well. The only issue that this has is that gobstoppers, cola bottles and giant strawberries didn't exist in 1666. Other than that this was very good.

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Rachel wrote:

Great description of all that was going on great cliffhanger well done 😊

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