Abandoned Mansion by Mitchell

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:53pm

On the way to school a boy called Spot saw a rundown,dangerous mansion.   He didn’t know what he was walking into and he knocked on the broken,red door nobody answered,so he opened the door and saw a old candy shop he (didn’t know that the candy was made 80 years ago) ate a piece “Disgusting!” shouted spot then he spat it out,then walked up the stairs and heard a bang the stair he was on brock and he fall and landed on a nail “OUCH,”he cried that hurt he got off the nail then he went to the hospital.

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Mrs Willis wrote:

I liked your choice of adjectives to describe the mansion. Well done, Mitchell.

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Rachel wrote:

Oh no not out of date candy great work well done 😊

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