Memories by Emily

Date: 22nd Mar 2019 @ 5:47pm

The clock struck the witching hour. I lay awake. I couldn't sleep. I needed to go back to the night where it all happened. I ran to the theatre. The old crooked doors gave me shivers down my spine. Memories came flooding back. My parents and I had come to watch the film everyone was talking about, to find there was no film:screaming was the only thing to be heard. I rubbed my eyes and my parents vanished. My eyes darted around the room. What was happening? The next thing I heard was….my parents. Their screams were unbearable.     

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Alix gidman wrote:

Now that is creepy. Makes me feel as if I am there with you... Shivery

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Mrs Willis wrote:

This is very clever, Emily-from the very first sentence you set the scene for something terrible and horrible to happen-and it does! Well done.

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Rachel wrote:

Great writing you captured my attention straight away well done 😊

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