Ruby Class World Book Day

Date: 8th Mar 2019 @ 6:01pm

In Ruby Class today we celebrated World Book Day by making up silly stories of our own!  

First we played a game of consequences using these prompts:

  • (boy's name)
  • met (girl's name)
  • in/at/on (where they met)
  • He said (what he said)
  • She said (what she said)
  • He (what he did)
  • She (what she did)
  • The consequence was (what happened)

The resulting stories were hilarious!

After play we used Story Maker from Read for Good to create even more weird and wonderful stories.  Here are some of our efforts:

My Dream by Ynez

In my dream I met a huge worm wearing a stupid crop top. "Hello!" it said.  "My name is Annie.  Would you like a lift to the secret kingdom?"  Eight years later we got there.  "It's shut!" said Annie.  "Would you like an enormous fruit gum pie instead?"  Then I woke up to find I had just eaten my sheep!

Lost in the Jungle by Leo

Deep in the jungle, me and Matthew suddenly heard and ugly roar.  "Watch out Leo!" shouted Matthew.  "That blue monkey is going to get you!"  It had very sharp legs and a huge eye, so we both backflipped onto our dogs and jumped away down the black mountain.

The Pop Star by Matthew

I am Unhappy Burger Man, the famous pop star.  All of my fans threw their Speedos at me when I went on Top Of The Hops to sing my new single, Footballing Banana, which reached number 9,000,000 in the charts.  Anyway, I told Orangutan, "Compared to me, Orangutan, you sound like a singing Kit Kat!"  Organutan replied, "Oooh! Get you Unhappy Burger Man!  Wait til I tell Dog Rap 5!"

Late for School by Heath

Me and Mrs Bond cycled into the classroom.  "Heath!  Mrs Bond! Why are you late?" shouted Mr Gibson.  "Because Heath forgot the Brussels sprouts for the Science lesson," said Mrs Bond.  "No!" I said, "It's because Mrs Bond's elephant got stuck in a skyscraper!"  "Well I don't believe you," said Mr Gibson.  "You both have to do 18 milleniums in  detention!

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