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Ruby Class World Book Day, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 8th Mar 2019 @ 6:01pm

In Ruby Class today we celebrated World Book Day by making up silly stories of our own!  

First we played a game of consequences using these prompts:

  • (boy's name)
  • met (girl's name)
  • in/at/on (where they met)
  • He said (what he said)
  • She said (what she said)
  • He (what he did)
  • She (what she did)
  • The consequence was (what happened)

The resulting stories were hilarious!

After play we used Story Maker from Read for Good to create even more weird and wonderful stories.  Here are some of our efforts:

My Dream by Ynez

In my dream I met a huge worm wearing a stupid crop top. "Hello!" it said.  "My name is Annie.  Would you like a lift to the secret kingdom?"  Eight years later we got there.  "It's shut!" said Annie.  "Would you like an enormous fruit gum pie instead?"  Then I woke up to find I had just eaten my sheep!

Lost in the Jungle by Leo

Deep in the jungle, me and Matthew suddenly heard and ugly roar.  "Watch out Leo!" shouted Matthew.  "That blue monkey is going to get you!"  It had very sharp legs and a huge eye, so we both backflipped onto our dogs and jumped away down the black mountain.

The Pop Star by Matthew

I am Unhappy Burger Man, the famous pop star.  All of my fans threw their Speedos at me when I went on Top Of The Hops to sing my new single, Footballing Banana, which reached number 9,000,000 in the charts.  Anyway, I told Orangutan, "Compared to me, Orangutan, you sound like a singing Kit Kat!"  Organutan replied, "Oooh! Get you Unhappy Burger Man!  Wait til I tell Dog Rap 5!"

Late for School by Heath

Me and Mrs Bond cycled into the classroom.  "Heath!  Mrs Bond! Why are you late?" shouted Mr Gibson.  "Because Heath forgot the Brussels sprouts for the Science lesson," said Mrs Bond.  "No!" I said, "It's because Mrs Bond's elephant got stuck in a skyscraper!"  "Well I don't believe you," said Mr Gibson.  "You both have to do 18 milleniums in  detention!

Ruby Class Experience Christmas, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 7th Dec 2017 @ 7:06pm

Today Ruby Class visitied St Nicholas Church to take part in Experience Christmas.  This is an interactive workshop where the children move around various stations in small groups, learning all about the Christmas story and taking part in activities.  The story was broken down into the preparation, the message, the announcement, the promises and the journey.  At the end, all groups came together around a candlelit scene called 'The Gift' to hear the final part of the story.


Switches , by Mr Rickaby

Date: 3rd Nov 2017 @ 9:11pm

This afternoon in Ruby Class we finished off our electrcity learning by investigating switches.  We looked at examples of switches and discussed how their job is to make or break a circuit.  We looked at pictures of switches around the home and discovered that they can be pushed, pulled, pressed or turned.

Finally, we used some simple classroom equipment such as drawing pins, split pins, paper clips, coins, tin foil etc to make some home made switches.  The children did really well; they were able to physically see the circuit with a break in it, closing their switch to complete the circuit and make the bulb light on command.

I've promised them (!) a mini test next Friday to see what they've remembered from our electricity learning!  Just in case you want to practise at home, there will be questions on:

  • electrical safety
  • whether or not the bulb will light in a circuit diagram
  • which appliances use battery or mains power
  • naming electrical components
  • what switches are used for
  • types of switch (slide, push, pull, rocker, dimmer, key, selector, toggle)
  • conductors and insulators


Conductors & Insulators, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 13th Oct 2017 @ 5:00pm

This week we moved our learning about electricity on to find out about conductors and insulators.   We learnt that conductors allow electrical energy to pass easily through them, whereas insulators do not.

The children set up a simple circuit and chose 10 materials that they wanted to test to see if electricity could pass through it and make the bulb light.  I was impressed with their creativity: some tried leaves, others tried stones, some tested their shoes and even my shirt was connected to a circuit at one point!  They made a prediction for each material.

Finally, the children asked if they could test whether or not water is a conductor.  Some groups were initially a bit weary of trying this as we've previously learnt that water and elecricity don't mix: we had to discuss how to keep the investigation safe.  

They soon discovered that their circuits did not work with just water, but when we added some salt to the water, the bulb did light up.  This led to us talking about the danger of lightning when swimming, especially in the sea.  Some children said that their tears taste salty so this must mean that there's salt water in our bodies, which means that we would conduct electricity too.

They all worked really hard this afternoon and were so inquisitive!  Well done Rubies.


Cross country race 1 , by Mr Rickaby

Date: 28th Sep 2017 @ 5:28pm

What a fantastic race! 12 children from KS2 ran in the first of the Tewkesbury Primary Schools cross country meets this afternoon. We couldn’t be more proud of them all! For some it was their first race, many achieved Personal Bests and some of our experienced runners achieved some outstanding finishing places. Well done to all of you! It’s going to be an exciting season! 

Scratch - coding a game, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 27th Sep 2017 @ 8:55pm

Today we started a project!  Over the next couple of weeks the children are going to create a simple game where a car moves around a track.  Today we looked at a finished game and broke it down, making a list of what jobs we will need to do to make it work.

Chidlren were then taught the skills of programing an object to move when the arrow keys are pressed, and how to create a custom-background.  They were given time to practise these skills so that we can use them to begin our games next time.

Just in case they want to have a go at home, here is the code we used today.

¿Cuantos años tienes?, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 27th Sep 2017 @ 8:42pm

Today we learnt a new question and answer,

¿Cuantos años tienes? 

Tengo ....... años.  

This is how to ask and answer, 'How old are you?' which also allowed us to practise last week's numbers.

We then added this to the our learning over the last couple of weeks and practised some whole conversations - the children were fab! It's amazing how confident they are and how excited they are to 'have a go!'

Ruby Class Harvest Festival, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 23rd Sep 2017 @ 10:27pm

For harvest festival this year, Ruby Class are learning a poem all about two couples: the  'haves' and the 'needs'.  

Children will be choosing groups and will be allocated a verse to perform.

**Spoiler Alert** the poem is below just in case they want to pracise at home!


One Friday night in Nando’s, I saw a peculiar thing,

Mr Have and Mrs Have were eating chicken wings.

They sat just by the window, and licked their greasy lips,

Then Mr Have said ‘Now my dear, shall we have more chips?’


‘Oh yes! More chips!’ his wife replied, ‘and how about more chicken?’

So Mr Have approached the till and ordered from the kitchen.

He sat down at the table, and Mrs Have then said,

‘This chicken is delicious, dear, but shall we have more bread?’


Mr Have went back again to order bread and butter,

But when the chef saw Mr Have - he began to splutter.

‘More food?’ he said, ‘You’ve cleaned us out! You’ve eaten everything!

You’ve eaten every chicken leg and every chicken wing!


Why don’t you go to Pizza Hut, I’m sure they’ll fit you in,

My kitchen’s bare, apart from bones and bits of chicken skin!’

Mr Have was really cross, he wanted more and more,

He fetched his wife and, arm in arm, they marched right through the door.


‘Come on, my dear,’ said Mr Have, ‘let’s go and order pizza!’

Mrs Have was thrilled to bits, ‘I’ll have a margherita!’

But as they walked across the square, they saw a lonely sight,

Mr Need and Mrs Need were sitting side by side.


Where Mrs Have was large and round, Mrs Need was skinny.

Where Mr Have was big and tall, Mr Need was minnie.

Mr Need and Mrs Need looked over from their seat,

‘Good evening, both!’ said Mr Have, ‘we’re on our way to eat!’


Mr Need and Mrs Need looked hungry, that’s for certain,

Said Mr Need to Mr Have, ‘Haven’t you just eaten?

We saw you there in Nando’s, with chicken wings galore,

And now you’re heading to the Hut to fill yourselves some more!’


Mr Need and Mrs Need had not had any dinner,

They just sat upon the bench, slowly getting thinner.

This made Mr Have feel sad, his wife began to blubber,

‘Why don’t you come and eat with us, please let us buy you supper!’


Mr Need and Mrs Need did not need asking twice,

They jumped up straight away and said ‘How very, very nice!’

Mr Have and Mr Need walked quickly to the diner,

Said Mrs Have to Mrs Need, ‘Nothing could be finer!’


They went inside together and enjoyed a smashing meal,

The Haves paid for everything as that had been the deal.

And every Friday night since then, the Needs and Haves go out,

And those who HAVE pay the bill, so NEEDS don’t go without.

Ruby Class Science - Electricity, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 23rd Sep 2017 @ 9:41pm

On Friday afternoon we continued our electricity learning by thinking about what is needed to make a complete a circuit.  We also learnt how to draw simple circuit diagrams, using some symbols for the components.  

Children were then given a series of circuit diagrams and had to predict whether or not the circuit would work.  Once they had made their prediction they tested it out using equipment to see if they were right.  

The circuit diagrams are included below - see if they can remember which work and which don't and why!

Y3 Computing, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 20th Sep 2017 @ 8:12pm

Today the children were introdcued to block coding using the online software Scratch.

We learnt the key terms: sprite, stage, code, debug, script.

Today we kept things very simple, programming two sprites to have a short conversation.  The children quickly discovered that their characters were both speaking at the same time.  We had to find and use the 'wait' function to make it sound more like a conversation.

Like last week, Scratch is a free piece of online software which the children can access at home. 

Y3 Spanish, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 20th Sep 2017 @ 7:40pm

Today we recapped ¿Comó te llamas? and ¿Comó estas? before turning our attention to numbers 1-10.

We read a Spanish book about counting dogs and played a series of games to help us count.  We even had a go at some Spanish Maths with questions such as:

dos + seis = 

diez - cuatro =

I've included the PowerPoint we used today which contains the book and the games/activities we used to practise.

There's also a video below which models the pronunciation should you wish to practise at home.

Hasta le semana que viene!



KS2 Netball, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 18th Sep 2017 @ 7:09pm

Netball Club started tonight with 20 children from Ruby and Sapphire classes, led by coach Miss Jackon.  

Fun was had by all as the chidlren played a variety games to encourage finding space and practised drills to improve passing.

Ruby Class Science - Electricity, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 15th Sep 2017 @ 3:46pm

This afternoon we started a Science unit on electrcity.  We introduced the topic by looking at some of the dangers associated with electicity and some of the steps that we need to take to ensure that everyone is kept safe when using electricity.  

We used Switched On Kids to visit the different rooms in a house and identify the dangers we could see on the screen. 

Then, the children produced a warning poster which we are going to display in key locations around the school to remind everyone to keep safe.



Next, we got practical and had a go at using some equipment to make simple circuits.  The children were given very little guidance at this point, they could choose from the selection of equipment to make the bulb light up and the buzzer sound.  They did a fantastic job problem-solving in their groups and by the end of the afternoon we had multiple bulbs in the same circuit, a bulb and a buzzer, and even a working propeller!  

We'll take this learning on a step further next week by consider what is needed to make a circuit work before investigating conductors and insulators.

Y3 Spanish and Computing, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 13th Sep 2017 @ 5:34pm

Today, children in Y3 had their first Spanish lesson!

First, we did a little bit of phonics whereby the childrean learnt that all of the letters in Spanish sound exactly as we would expect.  We played some games with the vowel sounds which they seemed to enjoy (and which made us all giggle! pa, pe, pi, po, pu!)

Next we leant two simple questions: ¿Como te llamas? and ¿Como estas? and how to answer, before practising the following conversation in pairs.

In Computing, the children have been given their own usernames and passwords to access the school system.  This is different to being in the infants where they all shared a class username and password.  Their username is in the format 21john, 21lisa etc and the password is ashchurch followed by a 2 digit number.  It would be really helpful if parents could help the children to remember these details by jogging their memories now and again!

Today we explored a piece of software called Logo where the children learnt how to give commands such as 'forward', 'right', 'left' etc to draw shapes.  It was great to see them spotting errors in their own code and correcting themselves when things didn't quite work.  We discussed how to change the commands to draw a rectangle and then even had a go at a circle.

As a school we subscribe to a suite of online software called J2E.  Children can access this at home by going to j2e.com, clicking the 'sign in with Google' option, and then using their 21john@ashchurchprimary.co.uk email address and password.  If you need any help with his, just come and ask.



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