Y3 Spanish and Computing

Date: 13th Sep 2017 @ 5:34pm

Today, children in Y3 had their first Spanish lesson!

First, we did a little bit of phonics whereby the childrean learnt that all of the letters in Spanish sound exactly as we would expect.  We played some games with the vowel sounds which they seemed to enjoy (and which made us all giggle! pa, pe, pi, po, pu!)

Next we leant two simple questions: ¿Como te llamas? and ¿Como estas? and how to answer, before practising the following conversation in pairs.

In Computing, the children have been given their own usernames and passwords to access the school system.  This is different to being in the infants where they all shared a class username and password.  Their username is in the format 21john, 21lisa etc and the password is ashchurch followed by a 2 digit number.  It would be really helpful if parents could help the children to remember these details by jogging their memories now and again!

Today we explored a piece of software called Logo where the children learnt how to give commands such as 'forward', 'right', 'left' etc to draw shapes.  It was great to see them spotting errors in their own code and correcting themselves when things didn't quite work.  We discussed how to change the commands to draw a rectangle and then even had a go at a circle.

As a school we subscribe to a suite of online software called J2E.  Children can access this at home by going to j2e.com, clicking the 'sign in with Google' option, and then using their 21john@ashchurchprimary.co.uk email address and password.  If you need any help with his, just come and ask.



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