Ruby Class Harvest Festival

Date: 23rd Sep 2017 @ 10:27pm

For harvest festival this year, Ruby Class are learning a poem all about two couples: the  'haves' and the 'needs'.  

Children will be choosing groups and will be allocated a verse to perform.

**Spoiler Alert** the poem is below just in case they want to pracise at home!


One Friday night in Nando’s, I saw a peculiar thing,

Mr Have and Mrs Have were eating chicken wings.

They sat just by the window, and licked their greasy lips,

Then Mr Have said ‘Now my dear, shall we have more chips?’


‘Oh yes! More chips!’ his wife replied, ‘and how about more chicken?’

So Mr Have approached the till and ordered from the kitchen.

He sat down at the table, and Mrs Have then said,

‘This chicken is delicious, dear, but shall we have more bread?’


Mr Have went back again to order bread and butter,

But when the chef saw Mr Have - he began to splutter.

‘More food?’ he said, ‘You’ve cleaned us out! You’ve eaten everything!

You’ve eaten every chicken leg and every chicken wing!


Why don’t you go to Pizza Hut, I’m sure they’ll fit you in,

My kitchen’s bare, apart from bones and bits of chicken skin!’

Mr Have was really cross, he wanted more and more,

He fetched his wife and, arm in arm, they marched right through the door.


‘Come on, my dear,’ said Mr Have, ‘let’s go and order pizza!’

Mrs Have was thrilled to bits, ‘I’ll have a margherita!’

But as they walked across the square, they saw a lonely sight,

Mr Need and Mrs Need were sitting side by side.


Where Mrs Have was large and round, Mrs Need was skinny.

Where Mr Have was big and tall, Mr Need was minnie.

Mr Need and Mrs Need looked over from their seat,

‘Good evening, both!’ said Mr Have, ‘we’re on our way to eat!’


Mr Need and Mrs Need looked hungry, that’s for certain,

Said Mr Need to Mr Have, ‘Haven’t you just eaten?

We saw you there in Nando’s, with chicken wings galore,

And now you’re heading to the Hut to fill yourselves some more!’


Mr Need and Mrs Need had not had any dinner,

They just sat upon the bench, slowly getting thinner.

This made Mr Have feel sad, his wife began to blubber,

‘Why don’t you come and eat with us, please let us buy you supper!’


Mr Need and Mrs Need did not need asking twice,

They jumped up straight away and said ‘How very, very nice!’

Mr Have and Mr Need walked quickly to the diner,

Said Mrs Have to Mrs Need, ‘Nothing could be finer!’


They went inside together and enjoyed a smashing meal,

The Haves paid for everything as that had been the deal.

And every Friday night since then, the Needs and Haves go out,

And those who HAVE pay the bill, so NEEDS don’t go without.

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