Date: 3rd Nov 2017 @ 9:11pm

This afternoon in Ruby Class we finished off our electrcity learning by investigating switches.  We looked at examples of switches and discussed how their job is to make or break a circuit.  We looked at pictures of switches around the home and discovered that they can be pushed, pulled, pressed or turned.

Finally, we used some simple classroom equipment such as drawing pins, split pins, paper clips, coins, tin foil etc to make some home made switches.  The children did really well; they were able to physically see the circuit with a break in it, closing their switch to complete the circuit and make the bulb light on command.

I've promised them (!) a mini test next Friday to see what they've remembered from our electricity learning!  Just in case you want to practise at home, there will be questions on:

  • electrical safety
  • whether or not the bulb will light in a circuit diagram
  • which appliances use battery or mains power
  • naming electrical components
  • what switches are used for
  • types of switch (slide, push, pull, rocker, dimmer, key, selector, toggle)
  • conductors and insulators


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