Ruby Class shared story with Ashchurch View

Class: Y3 Year: 2019 - 2020

A message from Emily Jackson of Ashchurch View

Back in February, myself and the residents of Ashchurch View decided to write a story. These residents all live with dementia, so we spent the morning reminiscing and created a story using their childhood memories.. Dorothy spoke about a scary experience thinking a man was an ogre, Doreen had a baby bird called Bertie, Nesta loved Caerphilly castle which always reminded her of a princess’s, and Enid had a best friend called Betty.. I was so proud of my residents that I couldn’t leave the story unseen in a box... so i asked the school if we could team up to turn it into a book. 
With the help of Rubies class, your children brought the story to life with their art work! The pictures were more than what we could of imagined... as Yvonne said today, they are so special and are now held dearly by the residents.  
Today the children came to the home, 10 went onto the dementia unit, and the rest to residential where we all shared the story.. it really was another special memory made. 
You should all be proud of your children, what credits to you they are! Yet again the school made our residents day. I love bringing our generations together and its so beneficial to a mind that’s been taken over with this heartbreaking disease. A press release has been sent so fingers crossed we make it again into the papers! And maybe there will even be a chapter two coming soon!! 
We’re also working to try and come up with copies of the book as they are lovely keepsakes of what your children have created. 
Thankyou Ashchurch, what a fantastic school to be a part of 

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