Ruby Class Fingerprints

Lesson: Science

Class: Y3 Year: 2018 - 2019

This term Ruby Class are learning all about Rocks & Soils in Science.  Last week we researched uses of different types of rock and the children were really interested in the fact that chalk is used in forensics to take fingerprints.  

This week we decided to go with their interest and investigate finger printing a little more.  We used ink, pencil & chalk pastels to take our own finger prints, trying to identify arhces, loops and whorls.

We then had a go at lifting a finger print from a mirror using chalk dust and sellotape.  Finally, we took photos of the prints and zoomed in on the Smart screen to make the patterns even clearer.

The children were keen to find out if twins had the same finger prints.  They were suprised to learn that Alfie & Keira and Ynez & Heath's were not identical.  

A fun afternoon - I hope the ink didn't take too much scrubbing off their fingers!

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