Children in Need Ha-Pea Friday!

Lesson: British Values

On Friday 17th November we invited children to come to school in non-uniform (wearing green if possible) in return for a donation to the Children in Need Charity.  

In the afternoon, as a reward for all of the kind donations, the whole school came together to take part in a pea hunt on the school field (it was ha-pea Friday after all!).  Peas were scattered all over the field, with each class sent off to find as many as they could and return them to their class container.  The rules were simple - the class with the most peas, won!    There were even some special 'golden' peas which were worth double points!

It was a lovely way to finish week, with lots of smiley children working together, having fun having raised some much-needed money for this special charity.

The winning class and the amount of money raised will be announced on Monday!

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