Questions, Advice and Feedback

We'd love to see any learning you've been getting up to during this period at home so feel free to email us anything you'd like to share.  Photos, scanned work, written work - anything!

Parents can also use the contact details below to ask any questions or seek advice from teaching staff about their child's learning. 

Emails will be monitored Monday - Friday between 9am and 3.30pm.  If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please email so that we can look into it.


Name    Email Address Area
Mrs Hewitt All Reception enquiries
Mrs Hunt

Year 1 Maths & English

Pearls & Emeralds all other subjects

Mrs Bushell

Year 2 Maths & English

Pearls & Emeralds all other subjects

Mrs Kelsey

Year 3 Maths

Year 4 English

Sapphires class all other subjects

Pastoral advice & support

Mrs Grant

Year 3 English

Year 5 Maths (number topics)

Ruby class all other subjects

Mr Gibson

Year 4 Maths

Mrs Willis

Year 5 Maths (shape & space)

Year 5 English

Sapphire class Science

Mr Rickaby

Year 6 Maths & English

Ruby Class all other subjects

Transition to secondary school

Mrs Vignaux General enquiries


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