Y3 Wilderness Trip - Thursday

After an early start this morning (5am for some of us!) it's been a busy day of activities.  

Breakfast was lovely: loads of toast and cereal and cooked breakfast too for those who wanted it.  We then had to make our own sandwiches for lunch.  The strangest combination was cholcolate spread and salad!

This morning we did bushcraft and tunnels.  In bushcraft we found out all about the fire triangle and had a go at lighting our own small fires with flint and cotton wool.  We then split into teams and had a shelter building competition.  

Tunnels were great fun (despite a few initial nerves!).  Everyone had a go - even the teachers.  Once we had explored and got our bearings, we had a go at some orienteering down there; using a map to find specific items.

After lunch we did arhcery and crate stack.  For many children, crate stack was their first experience of being in a harnass on a high-ropes activity.  They supported each other brilliantly to make sure that they all had a go and got to the target of 11 crates high!  

Tonight we are doing a catapult challenge - more photos to follow later.

All still happy and smiley, if a little tired!  



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