Y3 Wilderness Trip - Friday

Today was our final day at the centre where we tackled rock climbing and abseiling.  When we saw the crag, the staff did wonder whether it would be a bit daunting for Y3, but they really went for it!  Every single one of them had a go, many getting to the top, and all abseiling down from wherever they decided to finish - it was amazing to watch them supporting each other and pushing themselves to go just that little bit further!

The whole group was an absolute pleasure to take away. They tried everything, ate everything, were brilliant at bed time and most of all worked together brilliantly to get the most out of their experience.

There are close to 300 photos - many thanks to Mrs Viall for taking some great pictures - so I have put them all in a Google folder which you can access by clicking here.

To view them on another device, you can type goo.gl/sPTBzY into a web browser!  

Have a great weekend all!


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