Details for medieval parade Sunday 9th July

We hope you are all looking forward to the Medieval Parade on Sunday 9th July. This is a first for Ashchurch, therefore a momentous occasion for us all to enjoy.

Our starting point for the day is the Ferry by the river at the Back of Avon in Tewkesbury and our end point is The Vineyards past the Abbey. Tewkesbury High Street will be closed for 45 minutes that day and Quay Street will be closed from 10.30a.m. However the Back of Avon, where we will meet, WILL NOT be closed to traffic so please be careful of cars.

We need to meet at10.30a.m. We will march at 11.15a.m. We are the last school to march in the parade, in front of the Pentacle Drummers.

A number will be collected prior to the march (ours is 22.) This will be carried as we march and held high at our final destination so that parents can find their children at The Vineyards pick up point.

Along the route there are 4 stops of around 5 minutes each to allow the dancers, drummers and flag wavers to perform. There will be water available along the route. 2 mobile numbers are provided below if you need to contact anyone during the parade.

Adults and children, please wear your Ashchurch T-shirts on the day, along with dark shorts/trousers or leggings so that we look amazing as a team. We need volunteers to return the models to the Town Hall on the High Street after the parade. The courier company RED will return them to school on Monday.

Fingers crossed for a dry day. Please apply sun screen before the march if the weather is hot.

Have fun, smile, and wave and feel free to dance to the music.


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