Habitats Information Leaflet

Date: 18th Sep 2017 @ 8:07pm

On a Monday afternoon the Y2s are taught by Mr Rickaby where we learn ICT/Computing skills through topic work. 

This half term we are learning all about habitats.  Last week we thought about rainforests and jungles and which animals might live there.

This week we had a look at The Arctic and how polar bears, arctic foxes and reindeer are adapted to the cold conditions.  

Click here to see the video we watched in class.

We are making an information leaftet using j2e5.  The children can log into this from home by going to j2e.com and logging in with their school email address and password.  

Today we learnt how to type a capital letter, how to highlight text in order to change font size and colour and how to insert a picture.




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