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Sapphire Class Music Tech, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 4th Jul 2019 @ 7:03pm

Today, Sapphire Class were learning about creating music using technology.  We used two websites - Incredibox and Chrome Music Lab - to explore combining and layering sounds.  The children got really into it and were rightly very pleased with their creations!  Here they are...


















Harry T







Harry R





Freya F

Freya W

Stop Motion Animation, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 22nd Nov 2017 @ 8:27am

On Tuesday afternoon Sapphire Class learnt all about stop motion animation in their Computing lesson.  

We watched videos of flick books and other simple animations to get a feel for what is possible with software like this.  We then used Stop Motion Animator on the chromebooks to make our own animations.  

Here are some examples:

Go Ride!, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 10th Oct 2017 @ 5:03pm

Whether it’s a spin in the back garden, splashing through puddles in the park or tearing around a local pump track: cycling is an essential part of growing up.  That's why HSBC created the UK Go-Ride programme - to give children the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of cycling and develop lifelong skills.

Some of our Ashchurch Children are currently coached by Richard Penderson, British Cycling's Go Ride coach for the West Midlands, at the Stourport circuit on a Friday evening.  Through this connection, we have been able to secure Richard coming into school for 6 Tuesday afternoon sessions to provide some coaching for Sapphire Class.

This coaching is not Bikeability and does not prepare the children to cycle on the roads.  These sessions are all about promoting a love of cycling.

Sapphire class enjoyed today's session where they practised cycling one-handed and moving up and down through the gears during a series of drills and games.  They were all very smiley and it was great to see how an expert coach was able to challenge the mixed ability groups, pushing each child in their own way.  Fingers crossed the weather holds out this term!




Netball v Tirlebrook, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 9th Oct 2017 @ 7:51pm

This afternoon, 7 children from KS2 played a friendly netball match away at Tirlebrook.

This was our first match of the year and for many of these players, their first competetive match ever.  The result didn't go our way, and we were beaten by a sharp Tirlebrook team.  That said, we are extremeley proud of how the children represented Ashchurch.  They kept their heads up until the end, supported each other, and got so much better with every quarter that passed.  

We look forward to welcoming Tirlebrook to Ashchurch next week.

Sports Leaders, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 4th Oct 2017 @ 7:33pm

Today we launched a Sports Leader project with Sapphire Class.

The project aims to:

  • Encourage younger pupils to improve their sport and games skills
  • Encourage all children to have an active breaktime and lunchtime, keeping them fit and healthy
  • Allow older children to set a positive example for younger children
  • Help the lunch time supervisers
  • Make sure that all children are playing safely
  • Ensure that everyone can have a happy, fun and safe breaktime and lunchtime, every day
  • Make sure that everyone has someone to play with and no one is left out
  • Give older children a chance to practice some sports coaching skills

Today we talked about leaders we know, and the qualities they have which make them successful leaders. We then talked about some of the jobs a Sports Leader might do:

  • Take responsbility for PE equipment, keeping it in good condition and suggesting new/replacement items for the school to buy
  • Setting up and packing away PE lessons
  • Organising games and play time and lunch time
  • Encouraging everyone on The Daily Mile by marshalling & tail running
  • Help staff on sports day
  • Lead warm ups at the start of PE lessons

Those children interested in becoming a Sports Leader have been given an application form which needs to be completed and handed back to Mr Rickaby by Wednesday 11th October at the latest.  The newly appointed Sports Leaders will be introduced to the school in an assembly the following week.


Sapphire Class Computing, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 4th Oct 2017 @ 7:12pm

Today Sapphire Class leant how to create a boat race computer game.

First they programmed the boat to follow the mouse pointer.  Next, they had to make the boat break into pieces if it touched the walls.  Finally, they had to include a 'Well Done!' message if the user completed the game.

Some groups took their learning a step further by adding in a timer and obstacles to their game.  

Below is Harry and Joe's game.

Cross country race 1 , by Mr Rickaby

Date: 28th Sep 2017 @ 5:28pm

What a fantastic race! 12 children from KS2 ran in the first of the Tewkesbury Primary Schools cross country meets this afternoon. We couldn’t be more proud of them all! For some it was their first race, many achieved Personal Bests and some of our experienced runners achieved some outstanding finishing places. Well done to all of you! It’s going to be an exciting season! 

KS2 Netball, by Mr Rickaby

Date: 18th Sep 2017 @ 7:09pm

Netball Club started tonight with 20 children from Ruby and Sapphire classes, led by coach Miss Jackon.  

Fun was had by all as the chidlren played a variety games to encourage finding space and practised drills to improve passing.

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